PROOX, Lift module for rear mirror mounting for soap dispenser / disinfectant dispenser, Proox, ZE-114L


Installation behind the mirror or in a mirrored cabinet is currently the trend. However, it is not always easy to fill the dispensers. If the mirror cannot be opened, a lift module is needed. The lift module from Proox impresses with its simple operation. In the invisible dispenser position, the lift is secured by a key and thus cannot slide down. When the locking mechanism is opened, the dispenser can be guided downwards in a guided rail system. The dispenser stops automatically. The lift module is suitable for our dispensers ZE-114 for cream soap and ZE-114D for disinfectants. The module is made of stainless steel and is extremely robust with a material thickness of 1.2 mm.

Advantages at a glance:

Icon_designed_inversed invisible behind the mirror

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