Litter bag holder for Bobrick litter bin

LinerMate is an insert for Bobrick waste bins. The LinerMate makes it quicker and easier to replace common and commercially available waste bags. These can be clamped into the LinerMate and do not have to be put over the waste bin. Since the waste bag is not visible from the outside, the LinerMate contributes to a clean and neat overall appearance.

The LinerMate is available for the following units:

Litter bin Order number
B-3644.6, B-3942.4, B-3944.6, B-3949.1, B-3961.3, B-39619.1, B-3974.6, B-3979.1 3944-134
B-277.9 3944-134
B-43644.6 43644-134
B-4369.1, B-43699.1 4369-134
B-43944.6, B-43949.1 43944-134


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