Paper towel dispenser and waste bin, stainless steel, with skirt for wall mounting, B-3699.1

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The B-3699.1 combines a paper towel dispenser and waste bin. Equipped with a stainless steel skirt, the combination is for surface mounting. The combination is made of stainless steel, the surface is matt polished. The towel dispenser has space for up to 350 C-folded or 475 multi-folded towels. The dispenser is designed for Swiss paper and can be filled with standard paper. You are independent of the supplier and flexible. The combination is equipped with a rotary knob for quick filling. Optionally, the combination can be fitted with a cylinder lock. The waste bin holds 7.6 litres.

Optional accessory: With the TowelMate, only one paper towel is dispensed at a time. Pulling out several towels at once is thus no longer possible, reducing paper consumption by 20 % or more.

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