Soap dispenser for rear mirror mounting with lift module, for foam soap, A295-114-FO

Soap dispenser for rear mirror mounting with lift module

Soap dispenser for rear mirror mounting with extra-flat lift module
Foam soap dispenser for installation behind a fixed mirror
For foam soap
Extra thin mounting rail enables space-saving installation.
The mounting plate is placed behind the mirror and fixed with 2 SK screws.
In the end position, the locking mechanism engages and holds the dispenser in position.
To refill, pull the locking button forwards and guide the soap dispenser downwards until it locks into place again.
The soap tank can be filled freely (common cartridges/Eurobottles or canister filling)
Inner container removable for filling or cleaning
Dosing quantity approx. 1.0 ml/stroke
Soap tank: 1.2 litres
Weight: 1.45 kg
Dimensions WxHxD: 140 x 370 x 26.2 mm

Available in the following versions: A295-114-LO: Soap/disinfectant dispenser | A295-114-FO: Foam soap dispenser | A295-114-EN: Spray nozzle for disinfectant


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