ALAVO - Our complete solution for the upmarket washroom


ALAVO in focus:

You have no space to waste and like tidy and user-friendly washrooms? At the same time, do you attach great importance to an environmentally friendly use of resources? Developed in close cooperation with leading architects, designers and customers, ALAVO offers a unique overall concept - space-saving, elegant and environmentally friendly!


The advantages of ALAVO



ALAVO convinces through a tidy and modern design - comprehensible LED symbols on the mirror show the user the position of the concealed applications.



ALAVO has a modular structure. You determine the scope and equipment of ALAVO - For example, you would rather have a paper towel dispenser than a hand dryer - no problem. ALAVO is built for your setup.



Maximum hygiene thanks to modern technology - all fittings work completely contact-free.



Durable and energy-saving LED tapes provide for a pleasant atmosphere - On request we equip ALAVO also with colour LEDs. For example, immerse your washroom in the corporate colour of your company.



ALAVO is easy to install, uncomplicated to clean and reduces the need for water, soap and energy - which not only saves valuable resourcesthat also saves Time and money.

ALAVO not only offers a convincing design and an excellent user experience - as an overall concept, ALAVO reduces the use of resources. You save water, energy, space, time and money!


What else ALAVO offers:

  • Long-lasting and energy-efficient LED strips are not only environmentally friendly - they also function reliably in extremely warm or cold temperatures.
  • The high-quality LED lighting provides uniform light distribution and can be quickly switched to a desired colour.
  • Whether for a single wash station (Supaloo version) or for larger washrooms with several wash stations - the modular design of ALAVO allows a solution for almost any setup.
  • Up to 8 wash places can be supplied from a single water and electrical access.
  • Each unit is supplied by a single power access and is protected by a residual current circuit breaker.
  • All transformers, circuit boards and LED controls are centrally located in one place. The other connections work with a simple 'plug and play' connection system.
Maintenance work is kept to a minimum and includes the annual adjustment of the mixing valves (if installed).
  • Paper towels can be refilled easily and quickly
  • You are not tied to a specific manufacturer or supplier. ALAVO therefore gives you maximum flexibility.
  • The system can alternatively cover fitting distances of 600, 750 and 900mm.
  • The hinged mirrors are 1000mm high to ensure safe and easy access for cleaning and maintenance personnel. For the Supaloo version, the mirror is typically 800mm high to allow access in confined spaces.
  • ALAVO is modular and offers a wide range of possibilities - also for your washroom. Simply send your enquiry to
The system consists of modules pre-assembled at the factory. Installation on site is done in a few simple steps:

  1. Fix the mounting rail to the wall
  2. Place the first module on the mounting rail and fix it to the wall.
  3. Hang and fix all remaining modules one after the other
  4. Install mirror flaps
  5. Connect water and electronic connections

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